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I was doing some browser tests looking for Easter eggs the other day, and was reminded of the Opera Browser. An old favorite I forget to use. It has some nice features!

  1. An add blocker. Activate it in Settings, then it shows up in the top right when it blocks adds. And you can turn it on and off from there.

2. A VPN option. Start it from settings, then it lives in the left of the browser bar. With a “New Private Window” and VPN, you are good to go shopping!

There is certainly a speet hit with the VPN turned on, but with the VPN and Adds blocked, pages feel like they load faster than VPN with Adds. But still much slower than no VPN. Downloads are much worse with the VPN. But sometimes you want that Privacy.

Chrome Speed Test without a VPN
Opera Speed Test with VPN turned on

“Snapshot” is a neat feature that allows you to grab a portion of a web page and save it as a png. A little faster than the Windows Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch, I suppose, but it can’t capture outside of the browser window.

“Print” is hidden in the Opera Menu -> Page -> Print. Not a biggie, but it took me an extra five seconds to find it.

Evidently they have some big news coming out soon. I signed up for their blog updates with my [name]+opera@gmail account, so now I’ll know if they distribute my email (see my previous post.)