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Estancia Harberton

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Patagonia | 0 comments

In Tierra del Fuego, we rented a car and drove about 2 hours out of town, on to dirt roads, to the Harberton Ranch.

It lies on the east mouth of the Beagle channel.

Looking out of the channel, there is an island in the middle. To the left of the island was the Atlantic Ocean, and to the right was the way to Antartica.

The island was disputed over about 50 years ago, which was settled when Argentina gave the island to Chile. It was a bad move, causing Argentina to lose passage to Antartica and rights to vast fishing areas.

There were two friendly dogs. One border collie puppy was obsessed with catching our shadows, and sometimes even his own.

Seagulls would pick up blue mussels and drop them on the rocky beach to break them open.

Being in Estancia Harberton felt like we were at the bottom of the world. We were the only guests.

Our personal table!
Looking out the mouth of the Beagle Channel.